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    Mining and Quarry

    Mining and Quarry

    At I-TEQ, we understand the challenges that go along with quarry and mining operations. We will work with you to design a lubrication strategy which will keep your mining and quarry equipment operating at peak performance.

    We have extensive experience in the lubrication industry; therefore we only stock and supply the highest quality lubricants for equipments used in both metal and coal mines, including dragline mining lubrication solutions. This selection of heavy-duty, high-performance lubricants ensures outstanding performance even in the most demanding heavy quarry/mining environments such as Shovels, Haulers, Loaders, Excavators, Crushers, Graders etc

    Our focus on quality products has made I-TEQ the destination of choice for the supply of genuine products in the quarry and mining industry in the region.

    These products include

    • Synthetic and Petroleum-Based Engine Oils
    • Heavy-Duty Muti-Purpose Greases
    • Heavy-Duty Gear Oils
    • Open Gear Greases
    • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oils
    • Specialty Lubricants
    • Spray Lubricants
    • Transmission Fluids