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    If the engine is the heart of a machine, engine oil is its lifeblood. When it comes to fleet owners and operators, I-TEQ understands success hinges upon on-time completion of the job at hand, with minimal cost. Therefore, long engine life and efficient, economical operations are critical to achieving this goal.

    For vehicles ranging from passenger cars and motorcycles to service vans, utility trucks and long-haul big rigs, I-TEQ’s transportation and fleet products exceed manufacturers' specifications. They play a valuable role by ensuring longer equipment life, less downtime, all-weather performance and improved fuel economy. With the guidance of our lubricant specialists, less oil is consumed and less labor is needed to change the oil, resulting in lower costs and a smaller environmental impact.

    With our engine oils, transmission fluids and fuel supplements for petrol and diesel engines, I-TEQ continues to provide vehicle owners and operators many cost-saving performance benefits.

    The product range in this category include:-

    • Petrol and Diesel Engine Oil

    Mono grade and Multi-grade

    Semi and Fully synthetic

    • Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • Automotive Gear Oils
    • Automotive Hydraulic Oils
    • Engine Flushing Oil
    • Brake and Clutch Fluid
    • Radiator Coolant
    • Petrol and Diesel Treatment